The Treatment


Your first visit will take up to one and a half hours. Follow up treatments typically last up to an hour.


What will happen during my treatment?


The first treatment is longer to allow your practitioner to carry out a full consultation and diagnosis.

Your practitioner will then assess your symptoms in relation to the body, tongue and pulse diagnosis. Upon formulating a treatment plan for you, your practitioner will then carry out the acupuncture treatment. The needles stay in the body for 21 minutes. They are extremely fine, sterile, individually packed and disposable.


How many treatments will I need?


This depends on several factors. The duration and severity of the illness/condition being treated, the cause of the ailment, lifestyle and the nature of the symptoms themselves all play a part in determining how many treatments are needed. These factors will also determine the frequency of the treatment. Initially the treatment may be weekly or fortnightly progressing onto a monthly or three monthly maintenance programme.


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